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7 Steps to Prepare for Winter

Today as I woke I could definitely feel winter in the air. Although the daytime temperatures still keep us warm, the night time temperatures are dropping and the wind is blowing in cold air instead of the warm summer breezes.

As winter approaches we know that in order to be prepared for the changes that are coming our way we need to prepare our farm and our home. Some of these chores include:

Cut and stack firewood. Take an inventory of your firewood and start making preparations to have wood for the winter. It is always better to have more than you need then to run out and not have enough. If you don’t heat with firewood then do you have enough fuel to keep warm this winter?

Pitch Wood. Also knows as Fatwood it is derived form Ponderosa Pines, this wood is full of naturally occurring resin. This allows you to start your fire easily. Use it in your fireplace or camping or with your barbecue.

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Have an alternative heating source.
It doesn’t matter what source of heat you use, but it is always wise to have an alternative source. If you use electricity then do you have an alternative heating source if your power goes out? Having a small propane heater could be a great emergency heat source for winter. If you have a home with a wood burning stove but you normally use gas or electricity to heat your home then assemble a wood pile for emergencies.


Repair your home. This could include roofing, windows, or entryways including step. Injuries in bad weather are common and often more devastating then the same injuries in warm weather. This is because the damage to cold bone and tissue can be more pronounced. If you need to insulate your pipes from freezing.

Store water and food. A water shortage can come from pipes freezing in your home or in other places. Often pipes will freeze and brake below ground and you are left without water for hours or days. Having water stored for emergencies can be very important.

Also we need to make sure that we have water and food stored in case the storms trap you in your home.

Do a deep cleaning. This accomplishes 2 goals. first you can think more clearly and respond better in a clean environment. Second, as you clean you mentally take stock of what you have and what you need. Take this time to organize your spaces so that you can find what you need when the time arises.

Find your winter clothes and blankets. Winter clothes need to be sorted and cleaned, and your closets need to be organized.

Blankets needs to be counted, and we need to decide if we need more blankets for the winter. (It is always helpful to have an extra set of clean blankets as we go into flu season in case then need to be changed in the middle of the night.)


Make sure your animals have a winter home. Our animals who have enjoyed warm summer weather need to have their homes prepared for the freezing temperatures that most certainly will come.


Finally, as the weather starts to turn cold I turn my thoughts to the approaching holiday season. As the colors of the leaves change and fall to the ground I know that I have a limited time to start and finish my preparations for the holidays that come. I appreciate that these festive occasions come during the time of year when we spend more time indoors because of the weather. It gives us opportunities to meet with friends and family and celebrate the blessings we have been given. And as I look forward to the coming seasons I think of the preparations I can make that will make those holidays blissful instead of stressful.

Now its your turn! Comment and share what you do to prepare for winter as fall approaches.