Courage, Off-Grid Living


Last year I determined that I was going to grow some sunflowers.

The first thing I did was purchase some seeds from the store. I immediately planted my seeds. The next morning I woke up and discovered that our puppy had dug up my newly planted flowerbed. UGH!!! However I was determined that I wanted to grow some sunflowers, so I planted some more seeds. The first time I planted half the package, so this time I planted the other half of the package. Again the puppy dug up my flowerbed. Still determined I went to the store and purchased more seeds. This time after I planted the seeds my husband used some clear green house plastic and made a temporary cover for my flowerbed.

Soon little plants were growing out of the dirt. It was so exciting. That is until a mouse started eating the pants as they came up at night. UGH! But I really wanted sunflowers, so I went to the store and I bought more seeds, and I planted them again. This time when the flowers came up I put cayenne pepper around the plants. This worked for a little while but as the plants got bigger the mouse was able to reach them and still eat some of them. I decided to deal with the mouse by setting out poison. That did the trick.

Finally my sunflowers were growing! I was so excited. Then one day my goats who were grazing got inside the fenced in area where the house and flowerbeds are, and you guessed it my sunflowers were, and as you probably guessed he ate the top off my sunflowers. UGH!!! But I was determined to grow sunflowers, so I decided to just let those half eaten flowers continue to grow and see what they became. Well those sunflowers kept growing and after a while they split into two.

My sunflowers never got as big as they could have if they had the full season to grow, but they grew.

I love the memory of my sunflowers. It is a reminder to me to keep trying even though things might not work out how you planned. In fact I believe that things never work out how we plan, but I also believe that life if beautiful and full of surprises. I know bad things are going to happen; that is part of life. But I am determined to grow sunflowers. I think it is very important to have sunflowers and to fight for the beautiful things in this world. I believe those beautiful things like love, kindness, generosity,  and sometimes literal flowers are worth fighting for. I believe that we should all be determined to grow our sunflowers whatever that may be because life is hard and we will have dogs, mice, and goats all in our path, but we can know success if we keep at it. The success probably will look very different than we originally anticipate, but it will still be beautiful. So be determined and grow some sunflowers.