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Summer Garden Challenge 2017


Today we planted 9 zucchini seeds, 7 raspberry plants , and 1 oregano plant.



Today I planted 15 green beans around the base of my plum tree since green beans are nitrogen fixing plants.


Today I planted some green onion roots. In the spring and summer when we buy green onions from the store we leave the root and replant it to regrow it for future meals.

Green Onion Roots Planted Today and Last Week
Green Onions Roots After A Couple Weeks Growth. These Were Planted 3 Weeks Ago.

‍DAY 4

I planted 3 more green beans a space next to the other green beans. I am not sure why there isn’t any there yet but hopefully there will be some growing there soon.

I also planted cilantro in a new location.  We planted them twice before in a location where they didn’t grow. I still had some seeds so I tried a third time in a new location and this time I hope they grow. We love cilantro!


We had fried rice for dinner again tonight! That means that I was able to plant some more green onions.


Today was a very windy day. However we finally got our strawberry plants in the mail, so when the wind died down just before sunset we planted 80 strawberry plants.  The soil was already prepped, so it was fairly easy to plant them even though it was quickly getting dark.  I ordered these bare root through the mail so I am really hoping that they do well.


Today landed on our Sabbath so we took a rest from our labors.


Today was a super windy day. We had sustained winds around 30 mph for most of the day, so instead of digging in the dirt we built a planter.

Day 9
Summer Garden Challenge
We planted 14 comfrey root cuttings today!
They come about and inch long and should come up in 5 to 6 weeks.
110 more plants/seeds to go.

Day 10
Summer garden challenge
300 plants or seeds in 30 days.
My sister sent me some sunflower seeds, so today I planted 25 sunflower seeds. I will probably plant more later because the mice LOVE baby sunflower plants.
85 more to go.

Days 11 through 15

311 seeds/plants in 15 days.
I had to take a couple days off my challenge to get some other projects finished, however I was able to meet my 300 plant challenge today.
8 cantaloupe
18 cucumbers
4 pumpkin
8 squash
14 watermelon
9 corn
30 beets
I really hope these seeds grow. They are all non-GMO and open pollinated.
This is not the end of our planting season, just the end of this challenge. I also had a very special helper today who loves to plant seeds.