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Pitch Wood. Derived form Ponderosa Pines, this wood is full of naturally occurring resin. This allows you to start your fire easily. Use it in your fireplace or camping or with your barbecue.

Pitch Wood
Pitch Wood
Start up to 20 fires easily with this package.

Pitch Sticks. Our Pitch sticks are perfect for backpacking. Roughly the same size as a match, these little sticks are packed full of pitch and perfect for starting fires but light weight enough to tuck away in even the smallest spaces.

Pitch Sticks
Pitch Sticks
Start up to 25 fires easily with this package.




Now you can help us grow our farm! Participate in either our Adopt A Tree Program or our Feed the Ducks Program.

Adopt a tree program

You can adopt a tree that we will plant and care for on our farm. Not all trees are the same price and we strive to grow a variety of trees here on our farm. You can help us grow our farm by purchasing a tree in either our Premier or Standard Programs. Note: These trees are not for sale. You are buying them for our farm.

Participate in our Premier Adopt a tree program.

Adopt A Tree
Adopt A Tree

Participate in our Standard Adopt a tree program

Adopt A Tree
Adopt A Tree

Feed The Ducks

If you loved feeding the ducks at the park or the zoo you can enjoy virtually feeding the ducks at our farm. Just purchase a bag of food and we will feed the ducks for you!

Purchase One Bag of Duck Food
Purchase One Bag of Duck Food
Duck Food





If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at (928) 457-7777.