Off-Grid Living

Our Egology is starting to recover!

A little more then 5 years ago we moved our family to a tent in the desert. There wasn’t much growing here and part of the problem was that we purchased land that was zoned open range. That meant that in order to grow anything we first needed to put up some fences to keep the cows from eating all the plants. When we put up the fences we started to see some improvement, but then we had to improve the soil and add water. Last summer we started working on adding compost to our fenced in gardens. As a result, we have finally started seeing our ecology start to recover. This year we have seen wild sunflowers growing for the first time on our land.

Additionally we have seen lots of other insects that we never had seen before. We saw a lot more lady bugs then we have in the past, and we are currently seeing tons of Desert Monarch Caterpillars.

As the soil improves we see more beneficial insects and birds visiting our gardens. We are so excited to see what changes the next year brings as we continue to imporove the land and incread the fertility of the soil. It is astonishing to see how the ecology imporves as we improve the fertitlity of the soil.