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My Green Thumb

Many years ago I planted my first garden. It was a complete failure.  Then I planted my second garden. FAIL! A few years past and I tried again, fail. I can’t grow anything I resigned.  I have a black thumb not a green thumb I would declare, and I wasn’t alone. I ran into a lot of people who had resigned themselves to the title of “having a black thumb.”

Ironically, when we moved to the desert where the ground was clay and only the toughest plants survive I finally found my green thumb.

What I discovered, however, was that I had failed before because I was treating my plants like objects and not like the living organisms that they are. If I took care of my children, the way I did my plants in the beginning, they would have died too. I had the attitude that if I put plants in the ground and watered them then that was enough. I think I was just a little lazy.  Every time I hear people talk about someone who has a green thumb they talk about how much they love to spend time in the yard or the garden, and that is actually the secret.


Plants are living. They aren’t objects.  They need a good home, food, and water. Plus they need to be checked on often to make sure they are okay. You have to keep them safe from danger. They are subject to predators,  freezing,  baking, and wind. If they get sick or diseases you need to nourish them back to good health. Plants need us to check on them daily to see how they are doing and to take care of them.

I found my green thumb when I learned that green thumbs aren’t accidental,  they are earned. Plants aren’t objects, they are living and need to be taken care of. Neglect is the biggest enemy. I still have a lot to learn, and I still lose plants. However now I spend more time with them, and I have a better success rate. How did I get my green thumb? I feel in love with my garden.