Off-Grid Living

Help from friends!

This summer my husband decided to take a position as camp director for a summer camp.  He is really good at what he does and he enjoys the job, but the pay is pretty low. Because of that we were not able to put any money into our farm this summer. However, I have still been able to make progress despite our current situation. The reason why I have been able to make progress is because when I set goals, I discuss my goals with my husband, my friends and my family.  This simple steps creates opportunities that I might now otherwise have.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who was cleaning up her property and making some changes offered me some bricks and t-posts. I had shared with her my goals which included fencing in paddocks for my animals. When she was cleaning up her property she thought of me and made the offer.

My friend gave me enough t-posts to add a paddock for sheep next to my cow paddock. I still have to get the field fencing, but having help from others helps me to keep moving forward on my projects. We should always be willing to share our plans with others because we never know when we might get a little push forward on our goals.

Likewise another friend of mine offered me some catnip for my garden after taking a tour of my garden and learning my goals. She planned to thin out her catnip and thought me.


Catnip from my friend and neighbor.

Another place I received help on my projects was from my birthday. Because I shared my goals with my family my daugher and my mother-in-law gave me trees to add to my orchard for my birthday.

Black Mulberry tree given as a gift from my daughter for my birthday.


Honey Locust give as a gift for my birthday.

Sharing our goals with others is really powerful.
It can be difficult because it can make you feel vulnerable, especially if you don’t know if they will agree with you or make fun of you.  We leave ourselves open to feeling judged by others, but we also open ourselves up to help we might not otherwise get.