Off-Grid Living

Fencing Goes Up

In May I decided that it was time to start fencing in our 36 acres. That is a lot of fencing and it will take a lot of resources to get everything fenced in. However I reasoned that if I were to start and continue to make progress then I would see my fencing going up.

Today I armed myself with 4 t-posts and set out to start my project. 4 t-posts you say, thats not going to get you very far! Well that is true, but how will I ever get anywhere if I don’t start somewhere. Plus all 4 post were purchased with gift cards and reward cards that we had. When we got to the area where we decided to begin I put in the first post. Then I realized that we needed to find all of our survey property markers before I put anymore posts into the ground. You would think that I would have started with that, but unfortunately I didn’t. So the second step for for my troop and I (my troop consisted of my four youngest kids ages 2 to12) began our search for the survey markers indicating the corners of our property. The good news is we found the marker. The bad news is that I realized that I needed some taller crew members because there is a hill in the way. I need someone on the south east and south west cornerns along with someone in the middle to figure out how to get some sort of a straight line.

So although the fence is a long ways from a finished product, we have started the project!