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We have been busy putting up fences.

WHY? When I was growing up my father always had a huge garden,  but he never fenced it in. However, I wouldn’t dream of planting a garden without a fence.

First, we live on open range. SECOND, there are LOTS of rabbits ready and willing to eat all of our plants.

Fencing isn’t cheap, but it is expensive and emotionally draining to plant trees, shrubs, or flowers to feed the local wild life.

Fencing also protects the animals we raise from predators and from bad choices. So we first invest in fencing before we invest in plants and trees. Recently we made a trip to the local nursery to purchase some daylilies to add to our orchard which is going to be an edible food forest.

Just 2 days after planting the daylilies I discovered that something had eaten half of them down to dirt. I am pretty sure they will grow back, however it was pretty disheartening.

I suspect that the local wild rabbits ate them. Actually I hope that is what happened because I had already purchased chicken wire to keep the rabbits out; I just needed to put up the chicken wire. It is a possibility that mice ate them. If that happened then I just don’t know what I will do because I can’t keep mice out of the orchard.