If you have any questions about tiny house homesteading send us your questions through our contact page and we will do our best to answer you questions as quickly as possible.

Our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you really live in 384 sq ft with 12 people?

A: For a short time we did have all 12 of us in 384 sq ft, but we currently have three buildings that we live in with a total of four small bedrooms which are just under 79 sq.ft. each and 4 sleeping lofts. Our total sq ft for all three buildings is 908 sq ft. For the first two years before our last baby was born and before we added more living space we had 11 people living in 524 sq ft.

Q: What is the hardest thing about living in a tiny house?

A: Well, I don’t know if there is one thing I could pin point. I would probably have to break it into two things. One issue ┬áis storage space is extremely valuable, and the lack of storage can lead to a messy house. To deal with this issue we try to be as creative with our storage as we can so that we can keep our home clean. We learned a long time ago that the cleaner home the more relaxed everyone is. And when the house is clean, I am a much better mother and wife.

The second issue is probably when the weather is bad and everyone is stuck in a small space. Well this actually is directly related to the size of your space in comparison to the size of the family. We haven’t had too many days that this was an issue, but just about everyone in our family has a favorite space that they personally like when they need a little space, but these two issues are the reason that we added 384 sq feet to our tiny house homestead in 2015.

Q: How do you deal with storage issues?

A: Storage issues are extremely important. First you have to look at everything you own and determine on a regular basis if what you own and store has enough value to keep. We de-clutter a lot.

Second you need to be clever with your storage, make sure its usable and whenever possible also make sure its attractive.