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We have been busy putting up fences. WHY? When I was growing up my father always had a huge garden,  but he never fenced it in. However, I wouldn’t dream of planting a garden without a fence. First, we live on open range. SECOND, there are LOTS of rabbits ready and willing to eat all… Read More Fences

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My Green Thumb

Many years ago I planted my first garden. It was a complete failure.  Then I planted my second garden. FAIL! A few years past and I tried again, fail. I can’t grow anything I resigned.  I have a black thumb not a green thumb I would declare, and I wasn’t alone. I ran into a… Read More My Green Thumb

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Bare root plants

I have decided that I am not in love with the idea and practicality of dormant plants. Okay they are less expensive, but especially in a short growing season like I have, I just don’t like the ideas of wasting a lot of that season trying to bring plants out of dormancy (is that a… Read More Bare root plants


Perennial garden

Today we added 7 twigs to our perennial garden . We are really hoping that these twigs take root in the soil and grow into productive perennial bushes full of berries in the next few years. As I plant these dormant twigs that are supposed to become berry bushes someday my mind is full of… Read More Perennial garden