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Grafting Class

In an effort to provide more education resources for our community, we are facilitating a hands on grafting class. This is a great opportunity to learn how to graft your own trees. This cost is $25 and includes your choice of a red delicious or golden delicious apple tree. It will be held April 7th… Read More Grafting Class

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We have been busy putting up fences. WHY? When I was growing up my father always had a huge garden,  but he never fenced it in. However, I wouldn’t dream of planting a garden without a fence. First, we live on open range. SECOND, there are LOTS of rabbits ready and willing to eat all… Read More Fences

Off-Grid Living

Whatcha Gonna Do

I never really know how my days are going to run on our farm.  Problem 1 My conversation with my son went something like this: Me: Why didn’t you tell me the goats got into the orchard. Son: They didn’t. Me: Yes they did. Son: Oh you mean yesterday. Me: Yes I mean yesterday, I… Read More Whatcha Gonna Do

Off-Grid Living

Pitch Sticks

Pitch Sticks. Our Pitch sticks are perfect for backpacking. Roughly the same size as a match, these little sticks are packed full of pitch and perfect for starting fires but light weight enough to tuck away in even the smallest spaces. [wp_cart_display_product name=”Pitch Sticks” price=”6.00″ thumbnail=”” description=”Start up to 25 fires easily with this package.”]