Off-Grid Living

A Day For The Bees

Today was all about the bees. This morning I put on the bee suit for the first time. It is my husband’s bee suit, so it is a little big on me. However, it still does the job. Then I put syrup in the hive. We still don’t have a lot of flowering plants, so we decided to syrup them for a little longer.

This is me in my husband’s bee suit. It was custom made for him when he worked for a season as a bee keeper many years ago. I am quite a bit shorter than he is, and it really shows here.

Then I went with my son to the swap meet. I was delighted to find some beautiful roses for an amazing price. I thought my bees are going to love these roses. With the help of two of my beautiful girls I planted 7 rose plants in the perennial garden.

I have 2 more roses to plant as soon as I can decide where to plant them.

We are finally seeing out bees buzzing around the garden. It is exciting to follow their progress and to be part of this amazing process.

We are currently using a Warre Hive. It is top bar hive design. So far the bees haven’t complained.