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Month: May 2017

A Day For The Bees

Today was all about the bees. This morning I put on the bee suit for the first time. It is my husband’s bee suit, so it is a little big on me. However, it still does the job. Then I put syrup in the hive. We still don’t have a lot of flowering plants, so we decided to syrup them for a little longer.

This is me in my husband’s bee suit. It was custom made for him when he worked for a season as a bee keeper many years ago. I am quite a bit shorter than he is, and it really shows here.

Then I went with my son to the swap meet. I was delighted to find some beautiful roses for an amazing price. I thought my bees are going to love these roses. With the help of two of my beautiful girls I planted 7 rose plants in the perennial garden.

I have 2 more roses to plant as soon as I can decide where to plant them.

We are finally seeing out bees buzzing around the garden. It is exciting to follow their progress and to be part of this amazing process.

We are currently using a Warre Hive. It is top bar hive design. So far the bees haven’t complained.




We Finally Named Our Farm


Of all the things we have worked on, naming our farm was one of the most difficult. Probably because although we can rename it, we probably won’t.

Our breakthrough came when we started playing around with a farm name generator which was created for online farm games.  The online generator came up with some fun names and helped us find the perfect name for our “real” farm.

We have been working really hard this year adding new farm animals and crops that will soon be available for purchase from our farm. We hope to have lots of visitors over the next few years as our farm grows and our products increase.  Plan your visit today!

Plan your visit by sending us an email with your contact information and we will set up a visit.





Summer Garden Challenge 2017


Today we planted 9 zucchini seeds, 7 raspberry plants , and 1 oregano plant.




Today I planted 15 green beans around the base of my plum tree since green beans are nitrogen fixing plants.


Today I planted some green onion roots. In the spring and summer when we buy green onions from the store we leave the root and replant it to regrow it for future meals.

Green Onion Roots Planted Today and Last Week

Green Onions Roots After A Couple Weeks Growth. These Were Planted 3 Weeks Ago.

‍DAY 4

I planted 3 more green beans a space next to the other green beans. I am not sure why there isn’t any there yet but hopefully there will be some growing there soon.

I also planted cilantro in a new location.  We planted them twice before in a location where they didn’t grow. I still had some seeds so I tried a third time in a new location and this time I hope they grow. We love cilantro!


We had fried rice for dinner again tonight! That means that I was able to plant some more green onions.


Today was a very windy day. However we finally got our strawberry plants in the mail, so when the wind died down just before sunset we planted 80 strawberry plants.  The soil was already prepped, so it was fairly easy to plant them even though it was quickly getting dark.  I ordered these bare root through the mail so I am really hoping that they do well.


Today landed on our Sabbath so we took a rest from our labors.


Today was a super windy day. We had sustained winds around 30 mph for most of the day, so instead of digging in the dirt we built a planter.

Day 9
Summer Garden Challenge
We planted 14 comfrey root cuttings today!
They come about and inch long and should come up in 5 to 6 weeks.
110 more plants/seeds to go.

Day 10
Summer garden challenge
300 plants or seeds in 30 days.
My sister sent me some sunflower seeds, so today I planted 25 sunflower seeds. I will probably plant more later because the mice LOVE baby sunflower plants.
85 more to go.

Days 11 through 15

311 seeds/plants in 15 days.
I had to take a couple days off my challenge to get some other projects finished, however I was able to meet my 300 plant challenge today.
8 cantaloupe
18 cucumbers
4 pumpkin
8 squash
14 watermelon
9 corn
30 beets
I really hope these seeds grow. They are all non-GMO and open pollinated.
This is not the end of our planting season, just the end of this challenge. I also had a very special helper today who loves to plant seeds.

Summer Garden Challenge

‎Hi everyone! This is our summer garden challenge. I wanted to encourage everyone to plant something this season. Some of you have already been planting and others haven’t started yet because you have been waiting for Memorial Day to come (and possibly go). Well even though it isn’t here yet, I have been planting what I could and I am ready to start my summer garden challenge for this year.

Okay here it is: My challenge to myself is to plant 300 plants or seeds in 30 days. My challenge will officially start May 8 and end ‎June 6. As always I would be super exciting to have all of my readers get outside and plant something and then tell me about it. What did you plant? Was it something you have planted before? Is it something new? Is it an annual or a perennial? I am super excited to hear from everyone!

Wheat Fodder

We found that growing fodder was super easy. There were only a few steps.

  1. Soak the wheat for at least 4 hours.
  2. Put 1/2 inch thick in a tray that has drainage holes.
  3. Rinse a couple of times a day.
  4. After we grew our wheat fodder we had to figure out who would eat it.

The goats ate some of the greens but they weren’t too interested.


The rabbits ate the greens and some of the wheat berries but they wasted a lot of the wheat berries.


The chickens ate both the grass and the wheat berries. Chickens eat almost everything.


The ducks were the big surprise.  The ducks went crazy for the wheat fodder.

I don’t like wasting food so I took the wheat berries that the goats and rabbits didn’t ear and fed them to the ducks and chickens, however I am guessing that if I left the wheat berries longer then the rabbits and goats would eat that part too when they got hungry enough.

New Life Means New Projects

Last week we added bees, Cayuga ducks, New Zealand rabbits,  and turkeys to our homestead.  What an exciting week. Adding new animals also meant adding homes for the animals.

Adjusting the Beehive
We had the beehive but realized we needed to add another box for a feeder. Our hive is set off the ground because we get flooding during monsoon season. It is also set on a small cement pad so its foundation won’t get washed away. It is in this enclosure because we get high winds here (often).

The brown box contains jars with syrup for the bees. When the weather warms up just a little more we probably won’t have to add syrup until it gets cold again in late fall.

Rabbit Hutch
When we added the rabbits we had to build some hutches for them. We have an 8 ft section that is semi-enclosed, so we build a triple hutch to fit the space.

Clear covers on these hutches would actually cook the rabbits, so we have cardboard on the inside of these covers. Eventually we will replace these covers with wood.

When we got our Cayuga ducks we immediately put them outside in the warm sun. We know that ducklings that are new need to be kept warm, but when we put them in the sun they were more than comfortable, so we try to get them out running around in the sun whenever we can.

A few days last week it was just too cold for them to be out, but we were able to put them out again to day to enjoy the beautiful sunny day. We check on them often, but they really are happy outside. We do have to bring them in at night until they get bigger or until it warms up at night more.

We also had to quickly build a little gate to keep the ducklings inside the protected space for them. When they are bigger they will be able to walk around the orchard, but while they are small they need to be kept in a space that is surrounded by chicken wire.

At the end of the week our turkeys finally started hatching. We currently don’t have a home for them. I am actually grateful that they will be in the brooder for a few weeks because I am still learning about turkeys and what they need so that I can find the best home for them here on our homestead.

We aren’t currently planning on adding any more animals this year. Right now we just have to make sure all our animals are in good homes that meet their personal needs. We are planning on adding more plants. We will continue to add as many perennial plants as we can and we will work to put up fencing and grow grasses so that we can add milking cows down the road.