Tiny House Homesteading

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Month: December 2016

Chopping Wood

This winter chopping fire wood has taken on a new life. In addition to chopping wood from the logs we cut from the forest we have piles of 2x4s that we have gathered thought the year. A lot of is is warped and just junk. However it is not treated which means that we can use it for firewood. It is wood that was left over after we used everything we could from the free wood we got building various projects around our homestead.  This also means that we have to cut the wood with a saw to the lengths that we need for our fireplaces.

Although I am extremely grateful for the free wood, cutting it is probably my least favorite job. I suspect that no one else likes this job either since the pile doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller. We also have a lot of wood from previous years that needs to be cut to fit into the fireplaces. This wood is getting old and is also getting buried in the dirt. I have two options. I can cut and stack this wood to burn this year or I can burn it in an outdoor fire to get rid of it and clean up the property. I would rather burn it in the fireplaces if I can, so I am cutting and stacking it. I am trying to cut some whenever I can. I have decided to work until the battery for my miter saw dies signaling to me that its time to take a break until another day. Slowly the pile from two years ago is diminishing, but I haven’t yet started on the wood that we have gathered this year. My hope is that by the end of this cold season we have made our way through all of the 2x4s so we no longer have piles of old wood around the homestead.

Getting things for free is a huge blessing, but it often means that to use the free supplies there is additional work on our part. I believe that if we are willing to do our part that God will continue to bless us with the things that we need, but we need to do our part. Right now our part in keeping our home warm involves cutting and stacking a lot of free warped 2x4s.

2016 Review

One of the biggest obstacles to success is discouragement. As My husband and I talked about our goals for the coming year I began to reflect on the accomplishments of this year. When I walk around my homestead it can be difficult to see how many projects we have finished in light of how much still needs to be done. It will take years to get to a point where walking around the property is a beautiful and rewarding experience. Right now there are still building in need of repair and most of the ground isn’t fertile yet. That in itself will take years of work. Also our tiny house still have a lot of work to do just to get it to a point where everything is covered in siding and matches. However as we reflect over this past year we have accomplished a lot of things.

  • Added open shelves in the kitchen.
  • Put a door in the cabin on the back so that we could eventually attach our two cabins and increase our living space.
  • Replaced the door on the bathroom.
  • Built our first barn style sliding door and finished the wood wall it would be attached to.
  • Completed the ceiling in the girls bedroom.
  • Fenced in a perennial garden and started adding plants to it.
  • Planted 7 viable trees this year.
  • Fenced in 2 pastures for the goats and started fencing in a third pasture.
  • Built a chicken coop for our new chickens that we added this summer.
  • Connected our two cabins and started doing the inside work on the library. (The library is the room that was added when we connected the two cabins. Thus far we have made progress on the hall.)
  • We painted the outside of our office.
  • In the spring we tuned a garden bed into a cold frame. We will probably do this again next year.
  • We started our home business (a vinyl company) and hope to have the website up and running by the end of this year.

As I mentioned earlier, as I walk around my property there is so much to be done to make our homestead our oasis that it is easy to see all the To Dos instead of the We Dids; and because it is so easy to forget how far we have all come it is good to reflect and take note.  Perhaps you can take note of what you have done this year as you set your goals for next year.