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Month: June 2016

Perennial Plants

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Bare root plants

I have decided that I am not in love with the idea and practicality of dormant plants. Okay they are less expensive, but especially in a short growing season like I have, I just don’t like the ideas of wasting a lot of that season trying to bring plants out of dormancy (is that a word). What I had shipped to me were nothing more than twigs. I recognize that if could take years to have my bushes up to the strength that I would like to see in my perennial garden, and I just don’t want to wait an entire season to find out if the twings that I got are going to survive. On top of that there are at least have a dozen things that I could be doing wrong on my end since I got them, any of which could end with my plants failing to live or thrive. My current solution is to go to my plan B. Plan B is to purchase my plants from the local nursery. One of the reasons that I didn’t start with plan Bis that I wanted to at least try the mail option. The second reason is that my local nursery is about an hour away from my home and since buying them at the nursery is more expensive that would me dividing up the purchases between multiple paychecks and making multiple visits. However it looks like I may be doing just that anyways. Today I am going to visit the nursery and see what options they have there and make a plan for future purchases of plants that will go into my garden.

The last problem that I have is that the nursery itself isn’t guaranteed to have what I want when I am actually ready to purchase it, but I am going to go look today and find out what they do have and what options I might have if things are ideal.

So my plans are as follows:

Step 1 Enclose garden with fencing that will keep out the animals.

Step 2 Plant the dormant plants that purchased online.

Step 3 Water and watch the plants.

Step 4 Purchase plants from the nursery and replace the plants I ordered online.

Note: If we see growth from the online dormant plants we won’t replace them, but space inside the fenced in garden is limited and valuable. If we purchase plants from the nursery to replace the dormant twigs we are attempting to grow inside the garden we will probably move the twigs to a new location and keep watering them, however once removed from the fenced in garden their chance of survival will decrease.

I am hoping that I can afford to buy 2-3 plants a paycheck, but since we also have other goals we are working on this might be difficult.