Perennial garden

Today we added 7 twigs to our perennial garden . We are really hoping that these twigs take root in the soil and grow into productive perennial bushes full of berries in the next few years. As I plant these dormant twigs that are supposed to become berry bushes someday my mind is full of… Read More Perennial garden

Off-Grid Living


Yes we live off-grid. We use a combination of solar power and propane. Most people who use solar power have to have some sort of gas product, because solar power doesn’t support heat systems. We use propane for our stove/oven and to heat our water. We use solar power for everything else. We have learned… Read More Off-Grid



In the spring of 2015 I was participating in a challenge with my sister. We had agreed on a point system and were rewarded points for doing tasks that were beneficial for ourselves, our families, or our home. One of the ways that we could get points was to plant something in our garden. To… Read More Try!